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“Saddam Hussein, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide.”

An apt chant, considering he has today been charged with same.

Consider the following. During the American-Iraq War Against Iran (1980-1988), the Reagan regime of the US Republican Party provided at least $3 billion in agricultural cash credits to Iraq, encouraged the Persian Gulf states to lend billions to Iraq, provided targeting data to Iraq (used in conventional and WMD attacks against Iranians and Kurds), and sent the US Navy and Air Force to fight in support of Iraq’s forces in the Persian Gulf.

[All this history gone down Orwell’s memory-hole for you? As Casey Stengel said, “You could look it up.” It was on TV and in the local newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for sake.]

This war is usually called the “Iran-Iraq War.” Golly: Iran didn’t attack Iraq; Iraq attacked Iran, in an attempt to steal oil fields.

Recall: In 1953, the USA CIA overthrew the democratically-elected government in Iran, and replaced it with the military dictatorship of the “Shah of Shahs, the Light of the Aryans” Pahlavi. [As G. W. Bush would say, Let freedom ring.] Why are those Iranianacs so ungrateful?

[To GWB, freedom is just a ringtone, or, at least, nothing left to lose.]

To quote GWB, which I’m loath to do: “If you support terrorism, you are a terrorist.”

If you support Reagan’s support of Saddam Hussein, you are …

QED. Latin for: That which was to be proved.

If S. Hussein is charged with genocide, should not his bankrollers sit in the same dock with him?

And wasn’t G.W. Bush a staunch supporter of St. Ronald Reagan and his regime?



Blogger la_libertine said...

YES, Saddam's bankrollers DO belong on the bench with him. His regime was one we helped create - when it was advantageous for our own causes. And don't forget that during the Russian war with Afghanistan we also helped bankroll a group of "anti-Soviet" mountain fighters who came to be known as - Al Qaeda.
Thanks for helping to keep these facts front and center!

7:16 PM  
Blogger RtR said...

Pragmatism is my enemy.

Unfortunately, history is written by the winners, or by the losers who are too powerful to be humbled (e.g. United States v. Peoples Republic of Viet Nam). U.S. history is rife with examples of our heroic war criminals. Let me postulate that perhaps the only significant differences between the most egregious examples of universally acknowledged genocidal maniacs, and our own Gen. Curtis Lemay would be in the distanced antiseptic efficiency of a Lemay (see Dresden, Tokyo...) and the somewhat more personalized, messy and inefficient approach of other historical examples (fill in your own blanks here).

And yes, the right-wing koolaid drinkers are ultimately 100% right from their comfortable perspective that U.S. citizens who assert a belief in, and love of their country are actually America haters. I find myself being in the paradoxical position of being an America hater if I agree that the behaviors that the author has identified are criminal and that the perpetrators of the crimes should be brought to justice. To my knowledge, the only war criminals at the policy making level that have ever been successfully prosecuted have come from countries that have become so humbled by war that they could no longer protect the integrity of their country's boundaries. Apparently, American citizens do not have the will prosecute our own war criminals; instead, we re-elect them. Consequently, the only way our war criminals will be prosecuted is if our country were to become so humbled that we would be unable to prevent a foreign military force from breaching our borders, seizing them and forcing them to stand trial before an international tribunal. And that realization, that America would have to become a humiliated and devastated nation in order to realize my desire to see our alleged war criminals brought to the bar of justice makes me an America hater.

At root, in my opinion, this intractable paradox is the kernel of evil at the heart of all nationalism, whether it assumes the garb of Iranian style, Pan-Muslim Fundamentalist nationalism, or the xenophobic knee jerk, red neck, ass kickin' somebody has to pay nationalism that our own nation has come to represent.

12:05 PM  

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