Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A Plague on Both Your Houses

Today is 9 May 2006.

On this day in 1945, the Allied war against Germany concluded, and The Cold War began. Happy Cold War Day!

As an historian of The Cold War, your author knows that the brand name, The Cold War, is as truthful as the average “New and Improved!” claim.

On this date in 1945, the US Empire (USE) and the USSR no longer shared a common purpose. The threat of the German Empire was gone, the threat of the Japanese Empire was mortally wounded, the threats of the British and French Empires were jokes.

Last man standing: USE and USSR.

Branding the USE/USSR struggle as The Cold War served both evil empires well.

Do the little people ever really want to die for the profit of their respective ruling classes? Wool must be pulled over eyes.

“The [USE or USSR] is fighting the good fight for all of humanity. WE are on the side of the angels; THEY are on the side of the demons.”

Case in point. First, the USE supported the Ethiopian dictatorship, and the USSR supported the Somali dictatorship. Then, a coup in Ethiopia. “Change partners and dance.” Now: The USSR supported the new Ethiopian dictatorship, and the USE supported the old Somali dictatorship.

Result: several millions dead, both countries still devastated.

The list of similar victims extends to nauseating length.

But wait! Special interests object: our empire wasn't as evil as their empire.

As if "less evil" were a synonym for "good." As if one who pretends to be less evil should be crowned the King of Glory! More than enough blood to go around.

The Cold War was nothing more than a new brand name for an ancient wickedness: the clash of empires, and the profit of the few harvested from the suffering of the many.


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