Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rolling Blog Day

Today is Saturday, 15 July 2006.

Rolling Blog Day.

I suppose this is where I need a laptop, so I could access free Hi-Fi around town in hip cyber cafes, etc. As it is, I will update whenever we're at the Old Homestead, the Compound, Shangri-La, etc.

First up, word up: Put your hands together for B-Day Big 400 of Rembrandt van Rijn.

[Stormy applause in the hall.]

First reader to identify source of that last sentence wins a T-shirt custom-made by your author. HINT: If you've ever read transcripts of speeches by a certain world leader of a previous era, you'll recognize it.

5:38 AM/CDT

1995 - First sale on; this must have some significance in the Greater Scheme of Things

6:01 AM/CDT

“Follow, poet, follow right
To the bottom of the night,
With your unconstraining voice
Still persuade us to rejoice.”

“In Memory of W.B. Yeats”, W.H. Auden (1939)

That quiet voice of history that sits on your author’s shoulder says this may be a good day for a rolling blog … because we can flash-cut from RvR to:

1099 – Terrorist gangster forces of the First Crusade, led by the odious Godfrey of Bouillon, conquer Jerusalem and massacre all the Jews and Muslims they can get their hands on, which is very many

The MoB has a litmus test for “religious” warriors: Into whose pocket do they put their spoils? If that of a deity, then they are sincere. Into their own, not sincere.

Since your author knows of no deity maintaining a bank account, IRA, mutual fund, etc.(THE LORD DBA (doing business as) “Rev. Billy Joe Bunco” doesn’t count), one must assume all “religious warriors” are insincere, at least as to the extent of dividing the proceeds.

WORD: If youse guys want to massacre for your own profit, or the profit of your narrow community, have the decency and good taste to stand up and say so: Greed R Us. Just don’t drag deities into the mix; they have their own problems enough.

6:27 AM/CDT

Sponsored Results
Nuclear Bombs
Whatever you're looking for you can get it on eBay.

You think I'm kidding? Look it up yourself. Just found this by accident, and couldn't resist posting. I'm not going there.

6:31 AM/CDT

While you're waiting for UPS to bring that eBay jewel, join your author in his breakfast today.

On one salt or onion or garlic toasted bagel, slather cream cheese, then add a layer of home-made shrimp salad, and top with a slice of tomato and a slice of sweet Bermuda onion.

Here at MoB, we make our drip coffee with espresso roast beans, the perfect way to wash it all down.

6:52 AM/CDT

(Jeff Buckley / Gary Lucas)

"There's the moon asking to stay
Long enough for the clouds to fly me away
Well it's my time coming, i'm not afraid to die
My fading voice sings of love,
But she cries to the clicking of time
Of time

Wait in the fire... "

The great singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley, lost so senselessly in 1997 at such an early age. Your author knew him in The Big Apple. Talent without pretension.

7:25 AM/CDT

The concept has several names.

To ruling elites in the USA/USE/USSA, and the USSR/RF (Russian Federation), it is known as “credible nuclear deterrent” and the felicitously named “mutually assured destruction” (MAD).

To ruling elites in Israel, it is known as “The Samson Option.”

I’m sure other nuclear weapons powers have equally quaint terminology.

I must hand it to the Israelis for this: their term looks nuclear genocide straight in the face.

“The Samson Option.”

Pulling the temple down upon oneself and everyone.

We all die together.

1:30 PM/CDT


Damn; that was that last time I posted.

Life becomes so complex.

We're back at Melody Ranch, and watching Armageddon.

We try to watch movies on cable in RealTime, sort of a throwback to Saturday Night At the Movies in, say 1967.

Six billion on earth.

Let's say 1% are really in a good situation.

The math is left to the student.

8:38 PM/CDT


Anonymous earthboundmisfit said...

Ah yes - with the escalating clashes in the Middle East, there are a damn lot of Xtian fundamentalists smacking their lips right now in anticipation of being Raptured any day.
Was pleasantly to read this in today's paper from EX-evangelistic pastor Carlton Pearson - yeah, the one who saw the light a couple years ago and now preaches the gospel of inclusion and the universalism of humanity, much to the horror of his ex-fellow evangelists. Pearson lost everything because of it but refuses to give up his enlightenment. Anyway in an interview about the "end times" he said: "The concept of the end of the world, with people making millions of dollars off the fears of the people, is just a farce. And it needs to be stopped." And Pearson said
Pearson said the "end times belief" has created "a foolish frenzy that we have held onto for so many years it has us paranoid and also confused."
An understatement!

11:04 PM  
Anonymous O. R. Hinsdale said...

"Stormy applause"...must be a real oppressor. I vote for Joe Stalin.

4:50 PM  
Blogger HH said...

Theme music and "We've got a winner!"

7:28 PM  

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