Friday, August 18, 2006

Damn Tony Blair

Today is Friday, 18 August 2006.

Thanks to for pointing out this story by Matt Weaver in the (UK) Guardian:

“Breastfeeding mothers are being separated from their babies for several days in the government's drive to deport failed asylum seekers, Guardian Unlimited can reveal today.

Immigration officials have been accused of flouting several UN conventions by detaining mothers away from pre-weaned infants in at least two cases this spring.”

The only positive aspect of the separated-at-birth, joined-at-the-hip, special relationship, hands-across-the-Big-Pond Bush/Blair duo: bash one, one bashes both.

Cold comfort.

Reminds one of the good old days of the Reagan/Thatcher odd couple.

Your author didn’t trust Blair from the get-go: New Labour smelled of Old Tory.

There is a certain subset of British politicians who just can’t get over the days when a quarter of the world map was colored pink. Of course, since the Suez Canal debacle of 1956, when Harold MacMillan was cut down to size (“Over to you”) by Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, British prime ministers have had to face the harsh reality: the UK can play a significant role in geopolitics only by furiously paddling its canoe in the wake of its steroidal former colony.

Bless Harold Wilson (Real Labour PM, 1964-1970, 1974-1976), who wouldn’t play that game.

Damn Tiny Tony, who will, with a vengeance.

"Iraq? Why not?"

The gratuitous, cruel, petty nature of the violence of separating nursing children from their mothers … that’s the style of never-GI George to a T.

From the above story, it might seem that littler Tony is learning a thing or two from little George.

In reality, of course, I doubt Tony needed to model himself on Big Brother.

Most likely: Little Tony, like WarGeorge, long ago extinguished the last embers of humaneness in his shriveled, avaricious soul.

Full Disclosure: On the maternal side, your author is descended from countless generations of sturdy English yeopersons.


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