Monday, September 18, 2006

Death Squad Units

Today remains Monday, 18 September 2006.

Read this editorial about Lieberman’s cowardice, from a newspaper in his own state.

Seems he needs a week or so to come up with a position on Iraq.

Seems that 2-3 corpses per hour, minimum, gifts of death squads, unleashed by the Bush/Lieberman/etc. axis of conquest, appear in Baghdad alone.

That would be 48-72 corpses per day.

Let’s be generous with Joementum: say an average of 60 corpses per day.

Multiply by 7.

Let’s say a minimum of 420 corpses per week. (And I’m underestimating here.)

Seems like an appropriate time to round-up.

Let’s say 500 mutilated corpses per week.

Let’s call that: one Bush/Lieberman Death Squad Unit.

The completion of the exercise is left to the student: How many Bush/Lieberman Death Squad Units to go before Victory?


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