Thursday, February 01, 2007

In Memory of Molly Ivins

Today is Thursday, 1 February 2007.

I had anticipated that this would be a happy column, since it is the 300th posted since my dear friend and comrade from the days of yore, “RM”, built this venue for me as a birthday present April past.

Instead: it is the privilege of The Museum of the Bourgeois to express profound sorrow at the death of one of the finest journalists of our times, Molly Ivins, taken from us so-far-too-soon at 62.

A character with character. Check out her take on Patrick Buchanan’s 1992 Republican National Convention speech, when Pat declared Culture War: his speech “probably sounded better in the original German”.

I’m sure Molly knew the history of Pat’s term: Kulturkampf, describing Bismarck’s attempt to minimize the political influence of Catholic Germans, particularly in Bavaria and the East. Her comment also evokes the smell of burning books and burning Jews, apropos since Buchanan blames many of the world's ills on "international financiers", that sly old euphemism for "Jewish bankers".

Molly invented the nickname “Shrub” for George W. Bush, marvelous wordplay about the diminished capacities of the son of an already diminished father.

Molly’s column ran in more than 400 newspapers; it is a sad commentary on the political-ethical standards of many, if not most, citizens that she had less distribution and influence than the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Matt Drudge.

The Museum of the Bourgeois extends deepest sympathy to Molly’s family and friends.

It is an honor to me to celebrate my 300th column by saluting Molly Ivins, a great humane being.


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