Thursday, June 07, 2007

All the News That Print We Fit

Today is Thursday, 7 June 2007.

Here’s a shocker: did anyone imagine The MoB would say anything good about the Bancrofts, primary owners of The Wall Street Journal?

WSJ and USA Today pretend to be “national newspapers”. Ho Ho Ho.

WSJ, as any financial professional (such as HH once was on The Street) knows, is a trade paper, like “Pesticides Weekly”. USA Today, 90% of the time, is what Reader’s Digest would be if they printed it on steroids.

The New York Times is the ONLY “national newspaper”, for better or worse.

Some of the Bancrofts are just greed-heads, and would love to sell the paper to Rupert Murdoch, who can’t keep his pantz on thinking of the purchase.

[Some folks get all het up about “illegal aliens”, which is a usually code word for the hitlerite word “spicks”, and don’t care that arch-reactionaries like Rupert Murdoch have sneaked into the country and bought citizenship.]

Some Bancrofts would sell, but try to maintain the editorial independence of WSJ. Given the history of Rupie with The Times of London, good luck, suckers.

Now why exactly HH is getting het up about the possible loss of editorial independence of the WSJ, whose editorial line is neo-fascist and 180 degrees opposite that of The MoB?… Well, it’s just one of those Matters of Principle, I’ll Defend to the Death Your Right to Say Stupid Things, First Amendment Absolutist, things …

Deport Rupert Murdoch!

No, better yet: Put Rupert in a freezer, like in that Star Trek episode (“Space Seed”) with Ricardo Montalban, and blast him off into space. Let people a thousand years from now deal with him.

Or would that be too cruel?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blast him off into space? Thought you were a peaceful, non-violent kind of guy. Guess not.

12:08 PM  
Anonymous RtR said...

Sounds non-violent to me. Sort of a perpetual transport. Much like the Brits used to do before they discovered that it was far more economical to foist the criminals (many of whom had the misfortune to fall into a debt that bankruptcy laws of the day would not ameliorate and thus found themselves transported. Alas not in the poetic sense but rather in the hyper-realistic sense. Note that we have taken steps to return to the antecedent part, what modern transports have our betters envisioned?) off onto aboriginal peoples in the southern hemisphere and in the new world.

A cruelty to be sure and one that extracted a dear price indeed from those aboriginal innocents (at least of the crimes for which the transported were ostensibly punished).

Gene Roddenberry has already imagined the violence that could come of the transport HH has conjectured might be worthy of consideration in the instance of Mr. Murdoch. Thus the question of cruelty both of degree and to whom.

7:13 PM  

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