Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Today is Wednesday, 31 October 2007.

Over the years, many legends have attached themselves to HH, like barnacles.

HH says: perhaps, it’s just that, if one is in New York City politics long enough, all shit happens.

HH was not the CIA controller on the beach at the Bay of Pigs.

HH is not the Cigarette-Smoking Guy in the background of the Zapruder film of the Grassy Knoll in 1963. (He’s the one with the Swisher Sweet.)

HH has never been in Sarajevo, and that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Perhaps HH did a guest spot on The Bob Newheart Show, obsessing over why children didn’t enjoy his trick-or-treating gift of a plastic butter dish, custom-embossed “Happy Halloween kid Eliot Carlin Boo!”.

HH, neither confirming nor denying he was once a colonel in the French Foreign Legion, surely did not lead the French troops out of the fortress of Dienbenphu in 1954 while singing a classic Edith Piaf tune, but perhaps he played the piano:

However, were you on Avenue A, on the Lower East Side of Neu Yak Citee, on an hot August nite [first commenter to identify this rock ref gets recognition] in 1993, and thought you saw HH performing mouth-to-mouth and CPR, unsuccessfully, on a German shepherd who had apparently had a heart attack, while a mother and two children stood weeping by [unconscious Lennon ref], you would be correct.

And one more out of the Memory Bin:

One for the road:

Keep on:

And, for something really fright, Martha:

And Satie:

And how hobo Phil Ochs:


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