Monday, January 14, 2008

Early MLK Day

Today remains Monday, 14 January 2008.

In my heart, and in reality, sorrow beyond belief about this Obama/Clinton MLK/LBJ thing.

Hundreds of thousands of Blacks had died, in the crusade for freedom. Gained inchs, because of white supremacy.

It wasn’t just MLK, and he knew that, and honoured his comrades, that moved the Cause forward.

The Chemistry needed The Cause and The Politics.

Then, there was a bright, shining moment, with the suffering and sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Civil Rights activists, and the intervention of a few white politicians like LBJ, who sacrificed almost nothing when The Movement and The Politics came together, and, “without each which not”, meaning, they were both necessary elements, and a New World, however imperfect, was born.

The Civil Rights Act. The Voting Rights Act.

Let’s go back to the mountaintop, look over, and cross over.



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