Friday, June 27, 2008


Today remains, Friday.

And HH is a fan of Anonymous.

Ms. HH, suggested perhaps I went a bit over the top on the Scalia thing.


Sounds of thunder.

The dogs are gathered round, as a big thunder-boomered stormed rolls up from the west, and they snuggle up to write-at-home-dad, who will protect them.


Anonymous Dashiell said...

I didn't realize you were a "write-at-home-dad". What else have you written besides your blog? Are you a name I would know? Are you now weighing your blog anonymity against a future book sale?

I hope you will share, but after your last fuck you column I would understand if you didn't. Just how brave or foolish are you?

3:22 PM  
Anonymous RtR said...

I found the decision to be democratic rather than republican (lower case intended in both accounts). In a democracy who better than the collective individual to regulate the militia? In our rebellion (whether it qualifies as revolution is a subject of current debate), the people forming our first militias collectively agreed without benefit of license to regulate themselves. The strategic effectiveness of those militias, I leave as a subject of discussion for those more learned. Nonetheless the founding fathers (and perhaps mothers as well although the record is less clear here) in their wisdom granted the right of the citizenry to keep and bear arms. In my particular relationship with anarchism, I am comforted by the court's confirmation that the second amendment grants an individual right to keep and bear arms. One of the necessary checks and balances in our system IMO.

To may to, to mah to. I am more comfortable with the democratically level playing field where every citizen has the right to arm him/herself than I am with a system in which a corporate entity chooses whom to arm.

As for the sentiment expressed in the Fuck You, I think that at least four of the five should have that sentiment expanded to Fuck You Now and Fuck You Forever. Nonetheless, although less than popular with a substantial part of the left with whom I normally identify, on this occasion, I think that the five got it right.

9:29 PM  

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