Monday, September 01, 2008

McCain's Middle

Today is Monday, 1 September 2008.

John McCain has touted two main reasons in his race for President.

One: As an ex-P.O.W., he is a War Hero, and therefore magically endowed with special gifts, graces, abilities, and qualities, unlike other mortals.

Two: He is far more qualified in length and depth of experience in national security and foreign relations than Barack Obama.

Thus it follows naturally that he would choose, as a potential successor, someone with zero such experience.

(Of course, Cindy McCain said Sarah Palin is qualified because she’s governor of the state geographically nearest to Russia. Cindy, kindly return to buying houses with Daddy’s beer fortune, and leave politics to the adults.)

As with most right-wing extremist Republicans, McCain attempts to masquerade as a man of the center, of the great middle ground of the American political spectrum.

By his selection of Sarah Palin, McCain has given his middle finger to the people of the United States.

On this date in 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, beginning the Second Great European War. On this anniversary, W.H. Auden’s great poem, “1 September 1939” always rewards re-reading.


Anonymous fan of Hillary said...

"Make your blood boil? Well I should say."

The selection of Sarah Palin eclipses the Dan Quayle fiasco. If McCain or any idiot on his staff thinks that a Hillary Clinton supporter will vote the McCain-Palin ticket just because she is a woman, they are deluded. (Please tell me they are deluded.)

She is no sister of mine, or of any compassionate, thinking woman. For shame.

7:32 PM  
Blogger HH said...

I also hope they're deluded.

Well, as deluded on this score as on many others!)

Alas, never underestimate the power of a still-predominately patriarchal fascist society to socialize many women (or any other repressed segment)into voting against their own best interests.

Sarah Palin is a male chavanist in a dress, a cold-blooded opportunist, grasping after power while fullwell knowing it would mean exposing her daughter's situation to the world. (Perhaps her minions even leaked it themselves, in an attempt to manufacture sympathy.)

9:35 PM  
Anonymous RtR said...

Or perhaps she is a devotee of nationalistic faith. I suspect that some sage has opined that there is no greater evil done than that which is done in holy fervor under the banner of righteousness.

1:33 AM  

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