Saturday, December 27, 2008

Poem for YY

Today is Saturday, 27 December 2008.

A Friend directed me today to this poem:

"In Passing"
by Ted Kooser

From a half block off I see you coming,
walking briskly along, carrying parcels,
furtively glancing up into the faces
of people approaching, looking for someone
you know, holding your smile in your mouth
like a pebble, keeping it moist and ready,
being careful not to swallow.

I know that hope so open on your face,
know how your heart would lift to see just one
among us who remembered. If only someone
would call out your name, would smile,
so happy to see you again. You shift
your heavy parcels, hunch up your shoulders,
and press ahead into the moment.

From a few feet away, you recognize me,
or think you do. I see you preparing your face,
getting your greeting ready. Do I know you?
Both of us wonder. Swiftly we meet and pass,
averting our eyes, close enough to touch,
but not touching. I could not let you know
that I've forgotten, and yet you know.

"In Passing" by Ted Kooser, from Weather Central. © University of Pittsburgh Press, 1994.


And I think now of an old friend, whom i encountered by chance after many years of separation by the cruelties of history, and his sad and ravaged face, and i thought, "Do i know you?", for he was almost unrecognizable, and i wasn't sure, i said nothing, because i've known so many.


Pondering, I passed by.


I few days later, the obituary of his suicide in the local newspaper.


I suspect, too many deaths in his family, with which to live.



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