Monday, December 15, 2008

W: Not a Shoe-In!

Today is Monday, 15 December 2008.

It was supposed to be another lush, pretzel-and-booze fueled, taxpayer-financed Air Farce One vacation junket to Iraq and Afghanistan.

W would grimace and gloat over the death and destruction he's caused.

And then:

Note how W, as during Vietnam, is a physical coward: "duck and cover", as the slogan of my childhood put it. While the Prime Minister of Iraq, a prick to be sure, stands tall and tries to deflect shoe # 2.

(I do object to the wide-spread cultural thing which views "dog" as an insult. I think I may safely declare that no canine has ever murdered hundreds of thousands for profit and pleasure.)

W seems to fancy himself quite the rock star. Herewith, The Museum of the Bourgeois awards W a theme tee-shirt: "Piss on the Dead and Wounded Tour 2008".


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