Thursday, April 16, 2009

Two for Tea

Today is Thursday, 16 April 2009.

Seems not everyone outside was wearing their tin-foil hats yesterday.

Such as J- R- (no, not that one), 50, attending the Tulsa Tea Party, and paraphrased in today’s Tulsa World: “R- then offered what he called a radical solution to the country’s economic woes: abandon the Federal Reserve, eliminate the income tax and limit the government to its constitutional authority.” (I’ve redacted his name, in case he some day comes to his senses and is embarrassed.)

Of course, J- R- should have said he wanted the Constitution amended to eliminate the Federal Reserve and the income tax, since those are currently within the government’s constitutional authority, but it was sunny in Tulsa yesterday, and perhaps one should charitably assume that J- R- was a touch addled.

The Tea Party movement demonstrates once again the abysmal level of political-economic consciousness in this country. And consider that the original impetus to the entire charade came from FreedomWorks, the hard-right political thugfest led by corporate lobbyist Dick “The Prick” Armey.

And about those hats. Why do folks assume that it is the reflective properties of tin-foil which are germane? Of what are radio, etc. antennas made? Metal, right? So maybe folks who wear tin-foil hats are attracting signal downloads, not repelling them.

A point to ponder.


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