Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Today is Tuesday, 8 September 2009.

Today, the German parliament “somewhat” belatedly revoked all sentences, including death, against the last resisters to Nazism whose sentences had stood: members of the German military who had understood the crimes of their country, and deserted.

Of course, many had been murdered more than sixty years ago, and most of the rest are dead, but wasn’t the tardy gesture “special”?

Revocation had been delayed by German right-wingers, who argued the deserters had failed their comrades, and set the stage for future failing to support comrades. (As in, “when we light the ovens again”.)

Today is also the anniversary of the day in 1974 when Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon, thus completing the final act of covering-up in the “Watergate” treason. Five goose-steps to Gerald for prizing the RepubliKlan Party above his country. Support your local criminal comrade!

On this date in 1966, Star Trek premieres on NBC.

“Live long and prosper.”


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