Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Old Fan Dance?

Today is Tuesday, 23 February 2010.

The Bush-Cheney regime: the gift that keeps on giving, or an ineradicable STD?

“President” Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan, in a non-military coup, has decreed that he alone will appoint the members of the commission overseeing elections. Previously, three members were non-Afghans appointed by the United Nations, and two were Afghans.

That commission, of course, uncovered the massive fraud by the Karzai crime family in last year’s presidential election, forcing a runoff, which didn’t occur when Karzai’s leading opponent refused to take part in a charade. Karzai’s motive is transparent: to facilitate rigging the parliamentary elections scheduled for 18 September of this year.

The Bush-Cheney regime thrust Karzai, a former Taliban leader, into power. It is now the Obama regime which facilitates Karzai’s despotism and corruption, thus further worsening the Afghan situation, at the price of many more tens of thousands of civilian and combatant lives.

And the Obama regime seems to have neither the decency or guts to publicly articulate why support for a criminal regime is beneficial to the people of Afghanistan and the world.

Change we can believe in?

Or the old fan dance: a liberal at home, a reactionary imperialist abroad?


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