Saturday, June 05, 2010

In Memory: Tiananmen Square

Today is Friday, 4 June 2010.

For centuries, the central engine of the tragic history of China has been too many people, and too little of technologies and social organizations to ensure widespread and long-lasting prosperity and stability.

From 1949 to 1976, the "Communist" Party faction led by Mao forged an anti-socialist, state capitalist dictatorship. Beginning in 1976, the Deng faction used that repressive apparatus to transform China into a mixed state-private capitalist dictatorship, which provided greater prosperity and stability than China had ever previously known.

It was thus “inevitable” that the Democracy Movement of 1989 would end with the massacre in Tiananmen Square on this date in 1989. It remains, of course, to be seen if the mandarins of the [anti-]Communist Party can continue to produce the 9% average annual increase in economic productivity which enables China to barely run in place, in terms of keeping pace with population increases while still improving the overall standard of living.

In any case, it is unlikely, contrary to the bigoted fantasies of racists of the “Yellow Peril” ilk, that China will have, any time soon, or ever, the surpluses necessary to become a true global Great Power. More likely, the system will break down, slowly or swiftly, and the resultant shocks bear China back into the treacherous currents of its dismal past.


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