Monday, July 19, 2010

A Great War Begins

Today is Saturday, 17 July 2010.

As noted before, World War Two was actually two distinct, if somewhat interrelated, wars. The Great Pacific War featured a contest for hegemony in the Pacific Basin, between the Japanese Empire and the American Empire. The Second Great European War featured a contest for hegemony over the European continent, between the Third German Reich on the one hand, and the Russian Empire and the American Empire on the other.

(In each theatre, the British Empire tagged along for the ride, as its incompetent ruling elites destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands and squandered billions of pounds in resources, in an asinine, doomed-to-failure crusade to regress to the 19th century.)

In retrospect, it’s clear that the Second Great European War began on this date in 1936, when elements of the Spanish Army, their leadership infused with fascist ideology, launched a rebellion against the Spanish Republic.

The Third Reich responded with significant political, economic, and military support for the rebels. This included deploying the Condor Legion, “volunteers” who were actually elements of the Luftwaffe, sent to experiment with new terror bombing techniques. (They would devastate the Basque market town on Guernica on 26 April 1937.)

On Stalin’s orders, the Russian Empire provided support to Moscow-friendly factions of Spanish “Communism”, and did its best to destroy the majority of Left forces. The “Western democracies” sat on the sidelines, even doing much to hinder the attempts of the lawful Republican government to acquire military supplies. Right-wing isolationists, usually so proud of their belief in andworship of violence, declined to take part in combat, at a moment in history when it might have made a difference.

After all, the thinking in many right-wing circles went, while the Nazis weren’t the best of all possible worlds, they were haters of “Communists”, Jews, and other inferior types.

Certain elements of the Teabaggery movement are accusing the NAACP of being the actual racists. Next, Teabaggists will accuse Jews of being the real anti-Semites. After all, they’ll argue, Who was the perfect Jew? Jesus, the first Christian, of course. So, when Jews refuse to become Christians, it’s because they reject Jesus, the perfect Jew, and are therefore the actual Jew-hating anti-Semites.


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