Sunday, January 16, 2011

On Recent Comments 2

Today remains Saturday, 15 January 2011.

Perhaps I should pepper my remarks with “CAUTION: IRONY IMPENDING!”, “WARNING: SARCASM AHEAD!”, or ‘DANGER: PARODY!”.

Obviously, it’s insufficient to write “At the risk of seeming vulgar…”, followed by something vulgar which is obviously a parody of Hard Right rhetoric, specifically the love of violence, homophobia, and hatred of females and the feminine.

I reference yesterday’s comment by “Anonymous” on “More Palin Pogrom” .

Good golly, Miss Molly.

Not news that the Hard Right is historically the home of exaggerated, toxic hyper-“masculinity”. Provided, of course, one’s “ideal” of masculinity involves a love of violence, sexism, homophobia, racist ethnocentrism, nostalgia for slavery, etc.

Though, their love of violence is usually a love of someone else committing violence on their behalf, particularly if said committing would involve personal risk. That’s why virulent Hard Rightists such as John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Dick Cheney, W. Bush, etc. pulled strings to obtain draft deferments or cushy, non-combatant military sinecures. That’s why “Let’s you and him fight” is perpetually their motto.

That’s why the Hard Right loves to pose with firearms, and the larger, more automatic, and more deadly, the better. And of course there’s a vigorous dimension of sick phallo-centrism as both male and female Rightists publicly fondle and brandish.

And, naturally, Hard Rightists whose identity is inextricably bound up with phallo-centric violence will hate females and LGTBs, who they regularly defame and taunt as “sensitive”. Part of my sarcastic point was that when the Rightists swoon when tasked with responsibility for their lust for weapons of mass destruction (which include handguns and automatic weapons) and violent rhetoric, they are exhibiting the “oh-so-sensitive” behaviour they enjoy imagining and condemning in others. They are the homophobes, not HH.



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