Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Thoughts

Today is Tuesday, 15 February 2011.


Hosni Mubarak is “breathing”, according to a “military source”. Other sources claim he is “ailing” or “in a coma”.

How convenient: at this point in history, Mubarak just happened to eat some very bad falafel.


It’s official: Deutsche Borse is buying the New York Stock Exchange.


While white con-servatives rant about the Yellow Peril, the Aryan Menace continues its march toward world domination.


Pleased to note that the Office of Congressional Ethics has been challenged to investigate “my” member of Congress, John Sullivan (R-OK), for misusing my tax dollars by sleeping in his Capitol office. The IRS should also investigate to see if Sullivan is paying taxes on this fringe benefit.

After all, Sullivan must pay taxes on the free parking space fringe benefit, to lodge his car at the Capitol, so why not to lodge himself?

You may recall a previous mention of Sullivan in this space. The last time he needed substance abuse treatment, he threw a tantrum, expecting taxpayers to foot his bill at the star-studded Betty Ford Center.


Anonymous wondering said...

These guys who are sleeping in their offices - who is reaping the benefit? I'm thinking the guys are. They don't have to spend money on a Washington, D.C. apartment. Why run for national office if you don't have a plan for how you will LIVE in Washington, D.C.? Would they be allowed to use money left over from their campaign contributions? If not, they need to have a separate fund from their supporters to support them after the balloons have fallen from the ceiling.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous HH said...

Yes, only these Members of Congress benefit, at taxpayer expense. Would they like it, if custodians, guards, and secretaries started bunking in the corridors of power? Ha!

10:35 AM  

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