Thursday, April 06, 2006


Your author has chosen this date, 6 April 1917, the date the Congress of US declared war on Germany, to recognize and thank one of the author's oldest friends and comrades, who created this blog for him.

In my friends honour, RUN, don't walk, to nearest library or bookstore, and score Johnny Got His Gun, by Dalton "Hollywood Ten" Trumbo, a "searing" (as tabloids would say) novel about a US soldier in World War One who is grievously wounded, but tragically survives.

Also SEE THE MOVIE. Same title, 1971, directed by Trumbo, with Timothy Bottoms as JOHNNY, and, if I recall correctly (your author tries to play fair, and will resort to googling facts only when absolutely necessary; MoB's transparency policy will make clear when your author is doing so) Donald Sutherland as JESUS driving a locomotive.

The metaphoric significance of the latter is forgotten by your author, but he's working on it. (Hmmm... "I've been working on the railroad ..." ) Stream-of-consciousness is a wonderful thing. Your author is currently working on expanding the familial stash of great flicks. Your author grew up in a day when Saturday Night at the Movies on TV was a cool thing to do when you were too young to drive, and so he only recently got into movies on DVD.

Also, dig Kalki , a novel by Gore Vidal. When you read it, you will see war/violence connection. Kids, don't try it at home. Leave it to the professionals.

(Look forward to more on Mr. Vidal, a National Cultural Treasure.)

Your author once had honour, thanks to a literary call-in show on New York City public radio, of asking Mr. V a question, my words flowing through landlines from Staten Island to Manhattan, bounced on a satellite to Mr. V's cliff-dwelling in [Ravello? factcheck, please] Italy, and then his reply back to me.

Some technology is beautiful.

Well, I hope my friend and comrade, who created this blog for moi, enjoys being mentioned in the same breath as Gore Vidal. Sorry to be anachronistic, but he's a prince among us.


Anonymous Hari said...

Blessings be upon you, sir.

9:42 PM  

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