Saturday, April 15, 2006

SOS CDQ: Rummy on the Titanic

FEARLESS LEADER g.w. Bush has so got the back of his main war-man, The Rumsfeld.

"Secretary Rumsfeld's energetic and steady leadership is exactly what is needed at this critical period."

[Cultural interlude, to demonstrate that MoB isn't entirely a hard-edged agitpolitsite.

His nickname is "Rummy." Wasn't that the name of Walter Brennan's pickled character in To Have and Have Not, featuring Bogart, Bacall, and Hoagy Carmichael?

Brennan: "Ya ever been stung by a dead bee?"

Bacall: "No, have you?"

Brennan: "She's all right."

We (k)now return to our regularly scheduled programming.]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't The Rummy ignore expert opinion telling him 3 times his optimal military force would be needed to conquer and PACIFY Iraq?

Isn't this The Rummy who, when confronted with the nihilism and looting caused by a lack of US Empire troops, which was his idea, said: "Stuff happens."

[The Rummy: [said in a mournful and reproachful tone] you were a peace-time US Navy fighter-driver. An old Salt(ine). Why had you not the guts to say: "Shit happens; get over it."]

Today is the anniversary of the sinking of the Tintanic in 1912.

God grant us "energetic and steady leadership," straight to the Rummy bottom of the sea.



Blogger RtR said...

Methinks Rummy is doing a heckuva job. Enter erstwhile world bank president Paul Wolfowitz. Which leads me to the real purpose of this particular rant and continues the rant that I originally intended in my post to the previous thread.

Image is everything and every image can be rehabilitated. Former (convicted) Louisiana Governor Eddie Edwards once observed that the only way he would lose the Governor's election to Klansman David Duke would be if he were caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy. If that election were to be held today and he had access to the same publicists that Karl Rove's machine has spawned, Gov. Edwards could have been caught on video tape having same sex intercourse with livestock at high noon on the courthouse steps and turned it into an electoral advantage. Case in point, Heckuva Job Brownie. I see that Brownie is now on the TV talk show circuit working on his reputation (it was all Chertoff's fault).

No it wasn't all Chertoff's fault. It was the fault of a government that has espoused a political philosophy that government is inherently evil and then to drive the point home, has modeled the philosophy for all to witness. We watched helplessly as one of our major cities was erased from the map and thousands of U.S. citizens least able to help themselves perished over the span of days, running into weeks. This has been a tragedy of biblical proportions. What was our government's response? Purple thumbs in Baghdad.

How can the public have any response to a Brownie other than to rise up in one voice and tell him to depart in shame and to devote the remainder of his seemingly miserable existence to doing good works to atone for his bad behavior? I pray there will come a day when we may weep for shame, when we may weep in anger and when we may weep in mourning and I pray that day will be soon.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous earthboundmisfit said...


"Stuff Happens" play sears Rumsfeld

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A play that skewers U.S. Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as arrogant and war-mad has opened to a largely favourable welcome in New York this week, even as former generals turn against him in Washington.

In "Stuff Happens," by playwright David Hare, Rumsfeld is described as a "velociraptor" and at one point his character says "I could eat a baby through the bars of a crib."

The growing number of retired U.S. generals who have called for his ouster has not gone that far describing Rumsfeld, but the arrogance and failure to heed military advisers that they accuse him of are given dramatic life in Hare's play.


"The play superbly captures the decision making, manipulations and miscalculations that have by now been thoroughly documented," the New York Post said in its review of the play. "'Stuff Happens' is a riveting piece of theatre that well justifies the playwright's description of it as a 'history play,'" in the Shakespearean tradition....

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