Saturday, June 17, 2006

Seems Like Old Times

Today is Saturday, 17 June 2006.

Today is the anniversary in 1972 of the Nixon regime’s failed burglary of the offices of the Democratic National Committee at the Watergate office complex.
Today, as in Nixon’s day, an imperial president mocks the rule of law, overturning and defacing it with arrogant whim.

Today, as in Nixon’s day, an intellectually- and ethically-bankrupt regime continues to insist that victory and peace are at hand, if only the course is stayed and the graves dug deeper.

Today, as in the Indochina War’s day, casualties continue to multiply, with those of the conquered civilians far exceeding those of the conquering legions.

For a reality check, see “The State of Iraq: An Update,” on yesterday’s Op-Ed page in The New York Times. (Comparisons are of May 2003 to May 2006.)

Among the statistics:

U.S. and other Coalition troop strength: 150,000 + 23,000 vs. 132,000 + 20,000. (Add at least 28,000 U.S.-funded mercenaries to current total.)

Iraqi civilian deaths: 250 vs.1,500. Multi-fatality bombings: 0 vs. 56. Iraqis kidnapped per day: 2 vs. 35.

U.S. troop fatalities: 37 vs. 68. Other foreign force fighters (“Coalition”): 4 vs. 10. Iraqi army and police fatalities: 10 vs. 149.

Daily attacks by “insurgents”: 5 vs. 90. Monthly incidents of sectarian violence: 5 vs. 250.

Oil production (millions of barrels per day): .3 vs. 2.1. (Pre war: 2.5.) Household fuel supplies [estimated need supplied]: 10% vs. 83%.

Average electric power from official grid (in megawatts): 500 vs. 3,800. (Pre war: 4,000.) [In Baghdad, this often means only 2 hours of electricity delivered each day.]

Real G.D.P. per capita: $550 vs. $1,100. (Pre war: $900.)

Acceptable intelligence tips from Iraqi civilians: 100 vs. 4,400. [This number is not subject to independent verification or evaluation.]

“According to an International Republican Institute poll conducted in late March, more than 75 percent of Iraqis consider the security environment to be poor and the economy poor or mediocre.” [The IRI is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization chaired by John McCain.]

Iraqis optimistic about the future, then vs. now: 75% vs. 30%.

Nixon regime: Bush regime. Fruitless slaughter in Indochina: fruitless slaughter in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Today, as in Nixon’s day, living and breathing wickedness bestrides the earth, invading and occupying and threatening every fragment of existence.

Seems like old times.


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