Tuesday, June 20, 2006

World Refugee Day I

Today is Tuesday, 20 June 2006.

Today is World Refugee Day.

In solidarity, The Museum of the Bourgeois is currently located in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya.

Chechnya was first occupied by Russian imperialist armies some 250 years ago. Resistance has not ceased. The latest phase began in 1994 when the regime of former Commie opportunist Boris Yeltsin began ethnic cleansing. The latest ethnic cleansing is courtesy of "Tsar" Vladimir Putin, former KGB thug.

Several years ago, W. Warlord Bush visited Putin, looked deeply into his eyes, and "liked what I saw."

Throughout the region, hundreds of thousands of refugees have been generated ... that's the technical term, don't ya love it, sounds so electrical and antiseptic and "not my problem" ... by the Czarist/Yeltsin/Putin/Bush-endorsed wars against the people of Chechnya.

Gotta go. That's the HI-def of being a refugee. Check in throughout the day as MoB makes its pathetic contribution to raising consciousness about refugees.


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