Sunday, July 16, 2006

Day of Trinity

Today is Sunday, 16 July 2006.

Should have given a "heads-up" yesterday. For all you out there up now, it's almost the 61st anniversary of the conception of the Atomic Age, as we quaintly once called it, before we knew enough to be afraid of nuclear ... oops ... nu-KU-lur war.

Yes friends, at 5:29:45 Central War Time in the year of Whomsoever It May Concern, on this day in 1945, "The Gadget", as they called it, proved E does = mc squared.

Here at MoB, we're doing a real-time countdown. And we'll publish at the exact moment, then come back at ya.



Well, here we are in the Atomic Age, once again.

Science Fact: the light from the Trinity Test erupted, of course, out into Space, the Final Frontier [I'm guessing: NOT!], and bounced off the surface of the Moon.

Yes, that Good Vibration is still bouncing back and forth from Earth to Moon, from Earth to all the Cosmos.

Am I talking Conservation of Energy here, folks? Lead me. The Big Flash of Trinity Test is the Big How-Do-Ya-Do we're sending out, as our message that we are civilized and can destroy like gods, to the entire Cosmos.

5:44 AM/CDT, seems like Old Times, Central War Time
Bread and Roses


Anonymous Leon Radish said...

Here is a pic of the Trinity memorial from the cover of Blue States' "Nothing Changes under the Sun" album:

(P.S., "Blue States" refers to a state of mind, not a political orientation.)

4:45 PM  

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