Sunday, August 20, 2006

And, While W'e're at it: Damn George Pataki Also!

Today is Saturday, 19 August 2006.

One had meant the theme of the day to be, “Damn Tony Boar/Blair! Damn George Patacki also!”

Events have a way of way-laying reality.

My Fair Lady.

Showed up on a cable channel last night, I told Mrs. MoB, it’s a sign, we must dance all night.

Well, it’s a great flick, took a snooze, and let's get down and back to damning George Pataki.

In New York state, the highest court is styled “The Court of Appeals”.

Not quite known as a venue of diversity.

George Pataki has declined to re-nominate to the Court the Hon. George Bundy Smith,
Who just happens to be a … gasp … well, the Gov. wants to tap dance around this … shall We just say … thanks to the Gov., the Court will look like January Sale Day at the White-Wash Store.

Judge Smith had the temerity to write the judicial opinion, in 2004, striking down the blood-thirsty (vote-thirsty George? Running for President) New York death penalty law.

“Due Process” may be in the Constitution, but it ain’t G P’s middle name.

Don’t know the fellow Pataki nominated (Justice Eugene F. Piggot, Jr. – Buffalo). SO, I’ll not run the cheap shots (PIG-out, we been buffaloed, shuffle off this mortal coil to Buffalo), ‘cause here at the MoB, we always go for the High Road and the money shot.

But, Mr. Piggot obviously has no scruples, since otherwise he would not be a part of Pataki’s plot to Aryanize the New York High Court.

Well, let the circle be unbroken: Back to My Fair Lady, and G P is neither.

Sit back, relax, and imagine your author’s not-unpleasing bass-baritone singing:

“I have often walked, down this street before, But the pavement, always stayed
Beneath my feet before, All at once am I, several stories high, Knowing I’m .. on the street ... where you live …”

Sorry, my bad.. In 1964, that was Broadway. In 2006, sounds like stalking.

WORD --- word up: The Museum of the Bourgeois is ubiquitous.



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