Monday, December 18, 2006

Hey, George!

Today is Monday, 18 December 2006.

Apologies: a perfect storm at MoB. Long time, no see.

The holidays, friends old and new being actual in the area, HH still recovering from chronic bronchitis, etc.

A few days ago, the Most Esteemed, the Princess of the Far and Farm Realms, asked, So, OK, who would you appoint Secretary of War instead of [“Bloody” – ed.] Bob Gates?

Well, Bloody Bob Gates was a key CIA executive thug when the RayGun Junta paid warlords and druglords to fight the Russians in Afghanistan in the 1980s. Which ended with the departure of the Russians, the victory of the War/Drug/Lords, when the Afghans, tired of disorder, corruption, theft, famine, mass murder, hey these Taliban look The Lesser of The Evils, and then the Victory of the Taliban, “Hey, Osama, mi casa, su casa” …

Perhaps a Secretary of War whose hands don’t drip with blood?

Who would I choose for Secretary of War?

And don’t give me that “Secretary of Defense” crap? Who ever won football by playing “we won’t score any goals defense”?

George W. “Send your kids to die, mine are getting thrown out of Argentina for Excess Partying”, and ain’t that, after Evita and Peron, a damn hard thing to accomplish” Bush …

George W. Warlord’s appetite for conquering Iraq and all the oil in the world, and he’s not the only one, there are tens of tens of thousands who don’t mind drenching the world in hundreds of thousands’ blood, just as a poker ante, in the Quest for Oil …

TO BE CONTINUED ……………………….

1865 -- 13th Amendment ratified --- slavery outlawed

1965 --- Steve Biko, great South African activist, murdered in 1976, all honour to the rebels failed, born in this date, and i'm supposed to care about G. Washington, slaver


Anonymous RtR said...

Isn't a Secretary of War supposed to be bloody handed? If not, what's the point?

In that case, wouldn't "Bloody" Bob Gates be eminently qualified for the job?

You may be right about the reversion to the original title for one of the four (if memory doesn't fail me) original cabinet posts. After all, the Bush Doctrine calls for exactly what you have identified as a pre-emptive approach to defense (the best of which is a good offense).

I suspect I see you going with "Bloody" Bob Gates being the best possible choice (after Rummy) for this President, who does not appear to have been blinded on the road to Baghdad notwithstanding his well publicized conversion.

To continue with the Biblical metaphor, his actions are more in keeping with Babel hubris and the outcome of such.

10:52 PM  

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