Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lucky 7

Today is Thursday, 17 May 2007.

The tone at the time is: 6:07 am CDT, or 12.07 Universal Coordinated Time (formerly/concurrently Greenwich Mean Time), as your author begins this column.

Dig the “7” multiples. [And yes, there is a significance. Your author, from time to time, "embeds", to use a phrase of our times, little secret significators, a private ha-ha to only a single reader. Goin' out today to Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.]

On this day in 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled, 9-0, that “separate [i.e., white supremacist segregated] educational facilities are inherently unequal." Brown v. Board of Education of the City of Topeka, Kansas [where your author briefly and happily lived].

In 1510, the great Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (check out not only his art, but also the intellectual game bearing his name, and the title of a grand play by Terence McNally (1968), concerning the Vietnam War, in which your author played in the lead in a 1988 performance Off-Off-Off Broadway, for which your author probably still owes Mr. McNally royalties --- like $45 or so, but he didn’t have the scratch at the time to both do the show and pay McNally, who latter needs the $45 like Trump) died, at the age of 65, in abject poverty, proving once again, as if were it needed, that the free market doesn’t know jack.

In 1866, Eric Satie, French composer featured in recent column, “Now Includes Ducks!”, was born.

In 1918, Birgit Nilsson, great Swedish operatic soprano, is born.

1936. Dennis Hopper born. HH, also an aging thespian, says: dude has had chops, has chops, will always have chops. Easy Rider … too easy [sic]. Apocalypse Now … Yes!. Blue Velvet … tasty. And Waterworld, famously bad-mouthed sci-fi film in which DH is The Villain, is a damn fun little movie.

1973. The [Senate] Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities opens hearings on the crimes now known collectively as “Watergate”, the first act in the long-delayed and long-deserved long fall from grace of Richard M. Nixon.

Here’s to the hope that George W. Bush suffers a similar fate.

“Here’s to the state of George W. Bush … find yourself another country to be part of.”

Blessed be Phil Ochs.

Concluded at 6.57 am CDT, also 12.57 UTC/GMT.


Anonymous Lily Rowan said...

Many notable events this date. Thank you for sharing them.

I join with you in wishing a Nixon fate upon our present President.

9:50 PM  

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