Saturday, May 12, 2007

Up the Republic!

Today is Saturday 12 May 2007.

As an Anglo-Austrian American, and a human being, I was disgusted by the groveling reception recently given in this country to Elizabeth “2” Windsor, the “Queen” of England.

The Royal Family can be unfavourably compared to the Gambinos and the Corleones, the British Royal Family being responsible for more murder and thievery than all organized crime throughout history. Of course, “royalty” everywhere invented organized crime.

On 24 April 1916, the Irish Republican Brotherhood launched the Easter Rebellion, an attempt to free Ireland from the genocidal yoke of England. (And if one thinks the “g” word is over-kill in this context, read some history. E.g., Cromwell and his gangsters for one were the prelude to Hitler in Poland.) Though the Rebellion failed in the short term, it set the stage for the independence of Ireland, save for the Northern counties, which remain the property of E. Windsor, et al.

On this day in 1916, Brigadier General James Connolly, a socialist and commander of the Dublin Brigade of the Irish Revolutionary Army, having been wounded in the fighting, was bound to a chair and became the last of seven Rebellion leaders assassinated by British firing squads.

Depose and expropriate the Windsors!

Free Northern Ireland!

“Up the Republic!”


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