Monday, July 02, 2007

Honor Among Thieves

Today is Monday, 2 July 2007.

King Bush today demonstrated that there is sometimes honor among thieves, at least when a subordinate thief has the goods on a superior thief.

King Bush has commuted the prison sentence of convicted criminal Scooter Libby, former chief of staff to faux President of Vice Dick Cheney, thus insuring the silence of Libby. (Presumably, it was either pay Libby off, or send him to sleep with the fishes.)

To review: one of the lies fabricated to facilitate the conquest and annexation of Iraq was that the latter was attempting to buy uranium from Niger. The proof included a document so laughably forged that it was signed by a government minister who had been out of office for more than a year. (One could have discovered this fact by using, as King W would say, “the Google” on the fellow’s name.)

Ambassador Joe Wilson exposed the Bush-Cheney plot in an Op-Ed piece in The New York Times. Libby retaliated by exposing Wilson’s wife as a covert CIA operative (a felony in itself), then lied to the FBI about his crime.

Not by coincidence, King George acted the same day a federal appeals court ruled Libby’s appeal of his 30-month prison sentence had no merit, and ordered him to prison. Not surprisingly, this commutation flies in the face of all Department of Justice rules regarding same. (Not that Alberto Gonzalez, the Tom Hagen of the regime, would object. Had Al the Knife lived in an earlier age, he would have gladly killed Thomas a Becket for his master.)

Compare and contrast: on this date in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnston, having largely engineered passage of the Civil Rights Act through a Senate still infested with Southern white supremacists, signed same into law, thus beginning the demolition of the Second Slavery, segregation, in the Old South.

Johnson used the powers of the presidency to advance human rights. Bush uses those powers to protect his war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq.

Fry in hell, George.


Anonymous la_libertine said...

Yup - first thing I thought when I heard was "the S.O.B. really DOES think he's King." Not to mention Shrub's very own Richelieu, the Dick Cheney, who I'm sure made the li'l Sun King see what must be done - maybe Scooter was threatening to sing? We can only wonder in disgust. But will ANYONE actually stand up and do anything about the constant, ever-farther-reaching power grabs of these effin' thugs? Not when our Speaker describes the BFEE as a "lovely, patriotic family"! And the Senate is no better.

6:59 PM  

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