Sunday, June 17, 2007

Art of Beauty for This World of Sorrow

Today remains Sunday, 17 June 2007.

Okey-dokey: enough Nixon torture.

An old comrade sent me this, a tune sung by the totally excellent soprano, Renee Fleming. He noted that he would gladly bear her child. (Don't know what his wife would think about that!)

My old friend is a dude of many talents and accomplishments. Were he to discover how to accomplish this, I assume I’m allowed to invest for at least 25% of the net on the reality series, etc.

(And I don't mean "Hollywood Net". I mean I'll have a team of CPAs in there auditing you six ways from Sunday. O: and my entertainment lawyer.)

That such art of beauty exists in this world of sorrow.


Anonymous canaar said...

That such art of beauty exists in this world of sorrow.

And perhaps that is a, if not the, significant reason and has ever been such IMO, HH. Beethoven after the Heiligenstadt Testament. Mahler upon learning that his congenital heart condition would substantially shorten his life.

Please feel free to add your fills to the list (Van Gogh anyone? Dostoyevsky - Notes from Underground just to prime the pump)

At minimum, a Pandoran refutation of pessimists' views that the human condition is unrelievedly brutish and without redemptive value.

Oh Brave New World...

6:43 AM  

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