Saturday, July 07, 2007

North Korea in Cinncinati

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Today is Saturday, 7 July 2007.

At the direction of Faux-President W. Bush, the National Security Agency wiretapped without the warrants required by American law. The President pleads that, as war-time Supreme Leader, he is exempt from complying with mere laws and the mere Constitution.

The Honorable Anna Diggs Taylor, Judge of the Federal Court in Detroit, correctly held that such wiretapping is illegal, and ordered the criminal conspiracy ended. (But, the Faux-President’s familiars would say: she is a mere Carter appointee.)

Yesterday, a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, sitting in Cinncinati, ruled (2-1, Dishonorable A.M. Batchelder, an H.W. Bush appointee, and Dishonorable J.S. Gibbons, a W. Bush appointee concurring; the Honorable R.L. Gilman, a Clinton appointee, decently dissenting) that the plaintiffs have no standing to sue, having not proved they might suffer direct damage, and orders the case dismissed.

Pardon me (as Pooper Scooper, oops, Scooter Libby would say).

When the President declares himself above the law, and overthrows the Constitution, every citizen is damaged in the ultimate degree, and therefore every citizen has standing to sue, and must prevail in such suit.

Either the President is servant of the Constitution and the laws, or is an elective Fuhrer.

The logical consequence of this ruling is that we should spell “George W. Bush” as “Kim Jong-il”.


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