Thursday, October 11, 2007

In Memory: Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is Thursday, 11 October 2007.


Eleanor Roosevelt, of blessed memory, "the First Lady of the World", in Harry Truman's happy phrase, was born on this date in 1884.

Eleanor Roosevelt died on 7 November 1962.


From Time magazine (10 Questions for Jenna Bush):

“If the war in Iraq is so noble, why aren't you and your sister serving our country there?”
--- Donald Pence, san francisco

“I understand that point, but there are many ways to serve our country, and I think my skills are better suited for teaching and representing the U.S. in Latin America through unicef. I respect the men and women of our country who are over there fighting. It is an unbelievably selfless thing to do. But if people really thought about it, they would know it's not even a practical question.”
--- Jenna Bush

Jenna, Jenna. All the dough-re-mi your folks spent on your fancy higher education and pickling, and this is the best you can do (or that you can approve, a lame answer your ghostwriters have done)?

Like Daddy, you must not have paid much attention to the study of History. If you had, you’d know that, throughout the vast majority of human history, the children of rulers are required, like the rulers themselves, to wield the sword.

But, of curse, you know that. What you meant to say is you don’t see any percentage in taking the chance of having your butt shot off, when lack of opportunity will drive plenty of poorer young folks, disproportionately not lily-Jenna-white, into the military with the lure of tuition for junior college.


Our cat companion is named "Eleanor Roosevelt".


Anonymous Nancy said...

Come on, HH. It is now your style to pick on President Bush's daughter? I thought you were a little above that. She is in the public eye, yes, but is the manner in which she chooses to lead her life a legitimate target for the likes of YOU?

Why do you think she didn't or couldn't compose the answer she gave the interviewer? Hello - the girl just published a book. One should not assume that her father's PR people have scripted her answers to journalists' questions. Besides, I don't think it is a lame answer. Sorry that it does not come up to your standards. Is it "lame" because it is not a good enough justification, in your mind, for Jenna to not be in the sands of Iraq? Sorry, but people have a right to choose how they live their lives, and YOU have no right to judge. She is the offspring of a man you detest, but that does not mean you should detest or criticize her.

I thought you were better than this. Are you going to start in on Britney Spears next?

1:32 PM  

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