Monday, November 26, 2007

Ionesco Meets W. Bush

Today is Monday, 26 November 20007.

The great playwright Ionesco, a Surrealist and the founder of the Theatre of the Absurd, was born on this day in 1912.

How appropriate: today, W. Bush, having refused to take any part in ameliorating the Middle East Crisis, since 2001, is convening a meeting to attempt to do same.

I particularly liked W’s statement today as his machinations began: “While I have little known, nor-didactically long remembered, those who fought here, heh heh, and have failed in all I have tired ... tried, I’m goin’ for the last, main chance, and history will always commemoratize those then meeting there, on this hollowed grounds, of the Islomaniacs, and the Non-Believing Hebrowicists, who will here concord peace, or something like it. And sure, maybe I got it wrong about Putin of Russka bein' democratic, when I looked it his eyes, and said, "I like what I saw", but, I've got over that crush, and you can rest assured: all these little brown or yellow people will trust me, because they know: I AM the confider. Now everbody, let’s do lunch: it’s a Texas pork rib barbacue with all the trim!”

Now, I know the following from Ionesco’s Exit the King has very bad sound, but isn’t that deliciously Absurd, particularly considering The Madness of King George, who would assist everyone by an early exit, and a return to an at least vague constitutionality, by restoring power to Al Gore, whom latter could hardly do worse?


Anonymous student of the world said...

Re: Paragraph three. You infer Mr. Bush said this. Obviously he did not. But you infer it. Shame on you.

8:15 AM  
Blogger HH said...

Perhaps a more worldly student would realize I was employing irony and ridicule, not quotation.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous student of the world said...

Yes, but you ridicule and exaggerate the, admittedly, frequently unsophisticated way he expresses himself. Are thee without flaws?

1:29 PM  
Anonymous student of the english language said...

HH did not infer that Mr. Bush said those words unless HH has multiple personalities and fooled himself. Oh, worldly student, hie thee to English class to learn the difference between infer and imply.

I also must ask: in what way do you think HH exaggerated George's speech? That escapes me. I just assumed that was a verbatim report.

I know, I know. Shame on me. (In case you're wondering, I don't feel the least bit ashamed.)

4:20 PM  
Anonymous student of the world said...

Dear Student of the English Language:

I do believe you are a snob. Good luck with that.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous miss manners said...

Dear SOW,

I do believe that you don't take constructive criticism nearly as well as you offer same.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Student of the world said...

UNCLE, UNCLE, . . . aunt

8:13 AM  

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