Friday, December 28, 2007

Boo Hoo Bhutto

Today is Friday, 28 December 2007.

One of the points in finally purchasing a laptop was that I could continue MoBing while in Seattle. Alas, I was unable to access any of those new-fangled HiFi sites, and didn’t have time to spend in Internet cafes, due to family reunion obligations.


That said, some may consider the title of this column callous and vulgar, but consider.

I’ve just listened to that great Champion of Democracy, Condi Rice, lauding Benazir Bhutto as a fellow Champion of Democracy. Dig deep into the truths of history: B. Bhutto was as much a Champion of Democracy and the Good of the Masses as, well, :

B. Bhutto, as Musharaff, as Evita, as Peron, were political thieves and gangsters. Benazir made the classic mistake of returning once too often to pick over the carcass of a suffering people.

What puzzles me: Benazir and her husband had looted Pakistan of hundreds of millions of dollars. Why didn’t they remain in exile and live it up? And, on a purely technical level, if they chose to return and steal more, why didn’t she hire adequate professional security?

I refuse to take any pleasure in the death of even one as wicked and murderous as B. Bhutto. However, in solidarity with her millions of victims, I also refuse to mourn her.


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