Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today is Saturday, 8 December 2007.

John Lennon was killed on this day.

Thanks always to my friend Molly who called me with the news. I didn't have the media on and it was a perfect shock to the system.

And adding:

Where is that child now?

A few days after John Lennon died, a group of us in Tulsa gathered in downtown, a couple thousand, some folks I knew brought sound systems, and live music, and I heard a parent tell their son, "Some day, I will tell you this story, how you were too young to remember, when you were here to remember that John Lennon died".

And I suppose, we may be going into a beautiful music thing: Prokofiev:

HH may be force-feeding you beautiful music like geese:

Mrs./Ms. HH is curled up with Shelly dog, who is on the mend, and the possibility of her being serious sick, but not, is why HH, is seriously stressed, and HH is recalling the sad 70s, when, post Vietnam PTSD, he listened to this Debussy over and over, and it was a tonic and blessing, and, of course then, it was just a record, who knew of video:

When HH was very young, his parents had a Mario Lanza record, a 33 and 1.3 platter, and think about how many spinners hit that parade on KVOO, and thanks to you who know who you are, and a good sum of how HH learned to sing is Lanza.

And Butterfly:

And another Lanza:

And Turandot:


Anonymous RtR said...

I looked for the PDQ Ravel companion piece, Gens D'eau on Youtube but nobody has posted it yet.

Peace and martial arts.

5:56 PM  

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