Monday, February 04, 2008

The Envelope, Please

Today is Tuesday, 5 February 2008.

Here’s the music for today, and, if this doesn’t nourish your heart and tear it out, I don’t know what might:

Several months ago, a reader asked who HH was supporting for President.

I regret I can’t support, along with Senators Clinton and Edwards, Senator Obama.

However, Senator Obama refuses to support Universal Health Care, and has spoken kindly of the memory and policies of Ronald Reagan.

I can’t go there.

I believe everyone on this planet deserves adequate health care, and that Reaganomic trickle-down economics is not, as Senator Obama put it, “dynamic and entrepreneurial”, but merely a lie.

Another of the enduring lies of European white supremacists is that, in 1492, the Americas were a wilderness peopled by handfuls of animal-like savages. Cleansing the land of these racial inferiors were no more wicked than fumigating a house of rats.

Of course, the Americas were a quilt of many nations.

But wait, the white supremacists say: no nations, only “tribes”. After all, the Cherokees and the Lakota were only “savage tribes”, not “Great Nations” such as the Germans and the English.

Who latter had of course foresworn violence and oppression long before.

Thus, I was disgusted when Senator Barack Obama, in his “Yes, We Can” speech after New Hampshire, equated slaves, abolitionists, the Civil Rights Movement, and Dr. King with “…pioneers who pushed westward against an unforgiving wilderness”.

The Euro-supremacist “pioneers” were the storm troops of conquest and genocide, employing “superior” technology in an attempt to steal Native America and exterminate its people.

They succeeded in the former, while failing in the latter (the gas chamber not yet available).

I wish Senator Obama had chosen to wage a campaign of truth and change, and not a campaign which seems to merely parade the word “change”, while sidling up to the myths justifying European white supremacist greed and hate, in what seems a transparent effort to enlist “Reagan Democrats”.

Senator Clinton endorses Universal Health Care, and has been part of the progressive struggles since the days of Nixon.

There is never a perfect choice.

Therefore, HH, on behalf of the Museum of the Bourgeois, will tomorrow cast his vote for Senator Hillary Clinton.


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