Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Memory: Virginia Tech

Today is Wednesday, 16 April 2008.

Today is the first anniversary of the shootings at Virginia Tech, in which 33 were killed by a psychologically-damaged individual, who, thanks to the efforts of the National Rifle Association, etc., was enabled to purchase the tools of murder.

There are those, including legislators in the state of Oklahoma, where HH lives, who fantasize that the solution to such situations is allowing many tens of thousands to carry concealed handguns on the campuses of higher education. So they may be ready to go all Dirty Harry and Marshal Dillon and put the bad guy down like a mad dog.

The geometric multiplication of righteousness flying bullets makes me feel safer already!

How many of those with concealed-carry permits have even minimal combat training?

Among the qualifiers proposed for granting the right to carry lethal weapons on campus is “honorable military service”.

Most military personnel have minimal qualifications in handguns, and qualify only in mass combat training.

Gunpowder warfare is founded upon the principle of massed firepower: as many dupes as possible, firing as many bullets as possible, without discriminating as to target, hoping that enough bullets will fatally find targets so as to secure victory.

This will protect our campuses, our malls, our streets, our homes? Fire as many rounds as possible (the more clips purchased, the lower the unit price!), and safety is ours!

The Museum of the Bourgeois mourns the deaths of the innocents, and the madness and death of the shooter.

This is what we're talking about: guns, violence, death. Is this the world we want children to inherit?

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