Thursday, May 08, 2008

Is It Time for Obama ...

Today is Thursday, 8 May 2008.

Is it time for Obama … to quit?

Barack Obama has said, and says, that he would not have voted for the Congressional “use of force against Iraq” resolution, had he then been a senator.

However, once he became a senator, Obama has turned 180 degrees, and repeatedly voted in support of funding the war for the conquest of Iraq.

Obama refused to put taxpayer money where his mouth had been: he put it where his mouth had been not.

Instead of voting for funding human need, he voted for funding human greed: war.

Obama’s spin is that he voted to support “the troops”, not “the war”.

However, as Obama well knows: as in every war, the troops are the war.

The troops [rhymes with “dupes”], who are the tools of Bush-Cheney/Cheney-Bush and their cabal, are the instruments of war who facilitate the current murderous chaos in Iraq.

As long as the American and allied troops remain under the command of the neo-colonialists of the Bush-Cheney/etc. regime, the murderous chaos in Iraq will continue.

When it comes to voting for funding the Iraq conquest, Obama has basically the same record as Hillary Clinton. (Given the Republican Party sociopathy about “defense” (i.e. “wars of aggression”), Democrats who wish to run competitively for president must vote for imperialism, much, if not most, of the time.)

Obama’s clever-spinning hypocrisy about the Iraq conquest is repulsive.

“Change We Can Believe In”?


Is it time for Obama to quit?

FULL DISCLOSURE: HH voted for Clinton in his state’s primary, and donated a paltry sum to her campaign.


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