Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Geprge "W": New Low

Today is Wednesday, 23 April 2008.

I neglected to mention yesterday that it was the anniversary of the death of war criminal and filth-mouthed anti-Semite Richard M. Nixon.

Amusingly, ironically, appropriately, it was also the day that USA Today released the results of the latest Gallup Poll, in which George “W” Bush set a new record for disapproval of anyone’s conduct as “president”: 69%. (The 28% who approved are apparently severely befuddled or actively anti-American.)

Congress should really strike a special medal for Bush, Cheney, Rice, etc., commemorating their unique skill in creating a failed state more swiftly than anyone in the history of the world.

Citation to Gallup Poll:

Memorable Anniversaries:

1858 – Max Planck, discoverer of Planck’s constant (where would we be without it?!) and one of the greatest of all theoretical physicists, was born (died 4 October 1947)

1968 – Columbia University students protesting the Indochina War occupied several buildings on campus and shut down the school


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