Thursday, July 10, 2008

let's impeach

Today is Thursday, 10 July 2008.

Good morning, America:

And here's a second cup of coffee:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, of course, that there will be someone new in office long before impeachment could happen. Give it a rest. Spend you energy on something else for now.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous resigned said...

Oh, anonymous, you know, of course, that HH will not give it a rest. Save yourself, anon!

5:35 PM  
Anonymous RtR said...

The criminals can (and schould) be impeached even after they have left office. Better for the country to impeach and convict in an effort to regain international credibility than to remain a rogue nation like Milosevic's Serbia and have to suffer the indignity of being dragged before an international tribunal.

4:32 PM  

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