Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today is Thursday, 16 October 2008.

What's with the air quotes, John?

"Health of the mother"?

Have issues with "health", John? Have issues with "mother", John? Have issues with "women", John?


Anonymous pro-choice liberal capitalist said...

McCain makes my blood boil with his condescension. "Health" stretched to mean almost anything? Notice he also ignores the exception for the "life" of the mother. Perhaps that has been defined to include, say, breathing and such? And he smirks through Obama's comments, hardly able to contain his insights about the "pro-abortion movement."

I also find offensive his use of the term "pro-abortion" as opposed to "pro-choice," as if there are hordes of us enthusiastic about abortion.

And what about McCain's definition of "hero"?


12:34 PM  
Blogger HH said...

My friend, see the Friday column, inspired by youse.

Please express more on def of "hero".

My co-host, "Hugh Ewe" [can you identify the ref?], sitting to my right (only geographically, not politically) sez, "Right on~!"

8:50 PM  
Anonymous pro-choice liberal capitalist said...

In my ravings, I simply meant that McCain has clearly stretched the definition of hero to include himself. I'm not feeling much hero worship for him these days.

I read your follow-up column with interest. I believe you are even angrier than I am. Right on, brother.

Sorry, I don't know Hugh Ewe, but I support the GLBT Community that I assume includes him/her.

5:10 PM  
Blogger HH said...

Sometimes, comrade, raving is a good thing, to quote Martha Stewart.

As to heroes, look not to puffed-up killers, but to a single parent working two crap jobs to support a child.

Not to one up you, but, unless statistics lie, odds preponderatingly [is that a word? yes, stay tuned!] are, I am even angrier than thou. As a friend once said, "I think you were born angry!" (My mother claims my first words were, "Impeach Eisenhower/Nixon! And screw Joe Stalin too!") Right on!

I also support the GLBT Community. However ... both Mr. HH and Ms. HH have a fondness for stuffed animals. (As if the non-stuffed, save at mealtimes, four dogs and one cat resident at MoB were not enough!) Here in MoB's Computer Central Command (where, even as your author "enjoys" his physician-mandated four hours of nightly sleep, a crack team of cybernetic intelligences chew the cud of current events), reside currently some 15 faux-furry critter friends, including Ponder the frog, Lodges the moose (a refugee in the Witness Protection Program after that Palin threat), Cobble the calico cat, three dogs, five bears, two penguins, Curious George, and Hugh Ewe, a lamb.

10:09 PM  
Anonymous pclc said...

Still can't figure Hugh Ewe's gender, but glad for the explanation. I won't share it with my little boy, however, since we are already quite busy with Beatrix Potter bunnies, Winnie the Pooh and friends, and Webkinz World. Perhaps we'll see you and the Mrs. some day at Club Penguin. (I recommend it as a good way to lose the anger for a time.)

7:08 PM  

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