Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mission: Accomplished!

Today is Tuesday, 7 October 2008.

On this date in 2001, the Bush-Cheney regime began the conquest of Afghanistan.

They botched it from the start.

The Rumsfeld Doctrine of Transformation: The combination of small numbers of US troops, billions of dollars in high-tech weaponry, and bribed tribes who were formerly allied with Bin Laden (this is sound military strategy?) would sweep all before them.


The Bush-Crusader regime loved the concept, as it preserved the bulk of troops for the conquest of Iraq.

After 7 years, the Taliban is strong, Bin Laden is still thumbing his nose, and Afghanistan is still heroin capitol of the world.

And the people of Afghanistan suffer more than ever in their history, which is saying a lot.

For the dead, and the dead, and the dead:


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