Friday, October 31, 2008

A Nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue

Today is Friday, 31 October 2008.

Happy Halloween!

As the McCain campaign stumbles, staggers, and slimes its pitiful way to a (hopefully!) inglorious conclusion, how fitting that its choice for symbol, metaphor, and mascot is a phony and a crook: Joe the Not-a-Plumber.

The entire affair would be simply comical, were it not for the insight it affords into McCain.

So what’s really the big deal that Joe plumbs without legal license? Simply, there are certain trades, professions, whatever, such as plumber, electrician, physician, etc., which must be regulated by the State for the good of society. An incompetent doctor can kill you. An incompetent electrician can burn down your house with you and your family in it. An incompetent plumber can flood a house, destroying much of the economic value of the most valuable investment most Americans will ever own.

That McCain, in his desperate greed for power, is willing to elevate a con man into a hero reveals his true ethics/morals: anything and everything must be sacrificed to pander to his lust to dominate the nation. (Compare and contrast the unbridled sexual lust which led him into numerous infidelities and to kick his wife to the curb. Once again, it is proved: in itself, consistency is not always a virtue.)

The same is true of his choice of Sarah Palin for vice president. Like McCain and W. Bush, Palin is under-educated and under-cultivated in the issues on which a president must decide, preferring, like the twin flyboys, to navigate by the seat of her designer pants, instead of by reason. Palin is moderately capable of spewing canned garbage on the stump and in “debate” (the “debates” of presidential campaigns are merely dueling sound-bites, not true debates), but, in one-on-one interviews, she has demonstrated that she can’t think originally, and, when pressed, screeches vacuities in marginally proper English sentences.

Palin isn’t a “pitbull with lipstick”: just bull with lipstick.

You betcha!

A Palin presidency would imperil the peace and prosperity of the planet. By selecting Palin, McCain illustrates that his bad judgment would also imperil the peace and prosperity of the planet. That selection alone renders him permanently unfit to be elected to any public office, let alone president.

A true scare: a three-headed presidency of John W. McPalin.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, HH, you DO care about America! You seem to constantly call it the USA/USE or something such as that. You can now stop professing undying love for France.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous basketball mom said...

Check out "The Vet Who Did Not Vet."

It hasn't happened yet! Remember to vote!

12:30 PM  

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