Monday, October 20, 2008

A Warm Puppy Moment for Those of You Who Like When I Do Music, Art, and Recipes

Today remains Monday, 20 October 2008.

Let’s begin with this:

The Four Tops, with Levi Stubbs on lead. Mr. Stubbs just died, and time itself is impoverished.


(So many Tops songs from which to choose; I think that's my fav.)

During most of the ‘60s, through no fault of mine own, I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Grade 3 to Grade 12.

In my childhood/youth bedroom/office was a radio I’ll talk about in a future broadcast, which my parents had bought in Topeka, Kansas in 1946 or ’47. Every night, as I did my homework, I closed the door so as not to disturb, and tuned in the wide world.

Music-wise, my favourites were the R&B/soul stations beaming in from New York City, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Especially the ones that were funk around the clock, except on Sundays, when they sold some time to local Black churches, which were way cooler than anything I experienced on the white side of Tulsa.


An essay in itself, which I'll write one of these days.

To put it in context for the moment, The Greatest Rocker of All Time:

Compare and contrast.

(Completing the bucolic image: today, in betwixt writing, researching, finishing up tree pruning, and canine management, in the oven is a Yankee pot roast, a chuck, with potatoe, onion, carrot, and corn on the cob.)


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