Friday, April 17, 2009

"If I had a hammer ... "

Today is Saturday, 18 April 2009.

MoB hasn't brought you a moment of pure silliness for some time.

Herewith, from Great Moments in Folk Music (love the dancing!):

Brought to my attention by Comrade Jules, Commandante of the Lang Liberation Front.

Enough of that: cold shower.

How many of the Tea Partiers reflected on the fact that many of them had driven on "socialized" roads (or taken "socialized" mass transit or "socialized" sidewalks) to "socialized" public parks and buildings, where their ability to rally was guaranteed by "socialized" police and military forces? If they ate before rallying, they benefited from "socialized" food quality regulations. If they were on medication, they ingested products subject to "socialized" pharmaceutical quality controls. If they breathed, they freeloaded on "socialized" environmental safety laws. If they ...

The quality of discourse of Tea Party supporters seems exemplified by a sign at the rally outside City Hall in Manhattan: “Hey Congress, I Haven’t Read The Stimuluse Bill Either!” (Thanks to David E., NYC Correspondent of "" for photographing this gem.)

"Such people aren't born foolish: they are made foolish, under the impact of overwhelming power, and for the benefit of that power." Dietrich Bonhoeffer (After Ten Years, 1943)

If I had a hammer, I'd break the USA/USE mental coercion machine.


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