Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy International Workers Day!

Today is Friday, 1 May 2009.

On balance, who contributes more positively to the welfare of society: trash workers and plumbers, or bankers?

Given that the sine qua non, the “without which not”, the indispensable element, of modern civilization is sanitary conditions, the obviously correct answer is “trash workers and plumbers”.


Banking existed for centuries, without significantly extending the human life span. The latter only occurred when people in urban configurations, from the tiniest hamlets to the largest cities, ceased wallowing (to be indelicate) in their own shit and piles of garbage.

Any rational and non-suicidal society would therefore obviously more generously reward the contributions of trash workers and plumbers than bankers.

But not capitalism, and thus we are (see this coming?) currently again in the toilet.

A thought for this May Day, brought to you by all the good folks at the Museum of the Bourgeois.

Happy International Workers Day!


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