Friday, August 14, 2009

Right-Wing Cruelty

Today is Friday, 14 August 2009.

For the past week, I’ve enjoyed very severe pain in my right hip, and haven’t felt much like writing. Not to worry: it only hurts when I walk, sit, stand, or breathe, and it’s simply the arthritis I’ve experienced for 37 years. The treatments available are, alas, worse in their long-term side-effects than the condition.

It may be a pain near the ass, but it won’t kill me.

What many Americans suffer from, at any given moment, will, however, kill them. And the right-wing fabricators and propagandists of fictional Obama-created government “death panels” are hell-bent on insuring that, when everyone’s time comes, there’s as much pain as possible to suffer.

The Obama administration has no more proposed euthanasia and “death panels” than Jews ever kill or killed Gentile children to make Passover matzo. What the administration proposes is increased access to measures meant to manage and ease the sufferings associated with severe illnesses and dying.

Golly: wouldn’t that earn the Hitler seal of approval?

How to determine the contents of living wills. How to effectively execute them. How to choose and appoint medical proxies, who can make decisions when the ill person is incapable. How to evaluate and choose pain treatment regimens. How to evaluate and choose hospice care.

All the conveniences of Auschwitz, yes?

There’s far more than enough evidence to disprove the blood libel against Jews, and yet some anti-Semites still choose to believe it. There’s far more than enough evidence to disprove the “death panel” lie, and yet some still choose to believe it.

In each case, “willful ignorance” is too weak an explanation. In each case, reason blinded by hatred and lust for power trumps reality. In each case, the intended result is more suffering.

“Death panelers” aren’t pathetic kooks: “death panelers” are cruel and eager servants of evil.


Anonymous of the far realms said...

I'm not sure that "death panelers" should be characterized as "cruel and eager servants of evil." I am more inclinded toward the "willful ignorance" definition. True, some folks purport passages of the health care bill include mandates to "choose how to die". But, they are a minority compared to the number of Americans who are, in fact, just "willfully ignorant" of the provisions of the proposed bill, which is readily available for all to read. Yes, the bill is 1,000 pages, and that is where the "willful ignorance" steps in. Some folks are too lazy to read the back of a cereal box. But even the most aware and knowledgeable on current affairs must gird their loins to read the whole bill and then make attempts to understand it.

No, "cruel and eager servants of evil" (sounds like the tag line for a new action movie) is not the main issue. Americans need to become more knowledgeable. However, it's late August, and the school year hasn't quite yet started.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous RTr said...

On the continuum of willful ignorance v. cruel and eager servants of evil, I have to lean at a dangerously unsafe toward the direction of cruel and eager servants.

Much safer to hide behind death panels than to articulate acknowledgment of racisism by publicly decrying their loss of white America entitlement. (i.e. I may be poor, lacking productively directed talent and/or woefully below average intelligence but at least I'm white.)

4:28 PM  
Anonymous rtr said...

unsafe angle...

4:29 PM  

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