Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hearts and Minds

Today is Wednesday, 30 September 2009.

I’m tempted to start referring to Obama as “BHO”, a reference to LBJ and Vietnam, but I think I’ll wait until he issues his strategy for Afghanistan, which of course he should have had ready on Day One. After all, he’d been contemplating becoming president for years.

I’m not optimistic, particularly with today’s news that Ban Ki-moon, the buffoon and hack currently taking up space in the office of U.N Secretary General, has fired Ambassador Peter Galbraith as Deputy Special Representative in Afghanistan. Galbraith’s sin: too decently objecting to the plans of the Special Representative to assist the Obama regime in certifying the fraudulent re-election of political gangster Hamid Karzai as Afghan Duce.

Note that Galbraith had received no support from the Obama regime.

Karzai was, of course, forced on the Afghan people by W. Bush, not Obama. However, by failing to insure a clean election, and by allowing Karzai to continue his reign as president while the fix is being in put, Obama has blotted his copybook, and made Karzai his own boy.

Karzai has always been a miserable thug and opportunist. Descending from a family steeped in wealth, power, and privilege, he was an armchair mujahedeen, then a cabinet member in the Rabbani warlord regime, then a Taliban supporter, until he realized his main chance lay elsewhere, then a royalist, then an Americanist. One of his brothers is the corrupt viceroy of the Kandahar region, another handles the family heroin business. Karzai has delighted in consolidating his position by welcoming criminal warlords into his government.

Our tax dollars at work.

And let's not forget the young Afghan girl in Helmand province on 23 June.

The Royal Air Force dropped boxes of leaflets, "to win hearts and minds", and one didn't break open in mid-air. The young woman was struck and killed by the box of American propaganda.


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