Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today is Thursday, 10 September 2009.

Bill O’Reilly (AKA “Bill O’Heily”) is a robotically-created artificial “intelligence” (A”I”), currently hosting a prime-time politi-porn show on the Fox Network. (Cf. “Julius Streicher”.)

His date of origination is given as this date in 1949.

Many believe he was a failed attempt to create Max Headroom, or perhaps Ron Headrest, and escaped the confines of a GZK-9000 supercomputer, becoming a Web rogue. Mayhap he currently resides on a server in Orange County, California.

Max Headroom interlude:

O’Heily’s simulacrum was involved (see court records) in a notorious incident of sexual harassment, in which he, by landline phone, recounted, in sexcruciating detail, to a female, how he would pleasure her (while showering with her), with a “falafel”, though obviously he meant a “loofah”. (“And so it goes”, when one has no physical form. “You say “falafel”, I say “Parsifal”. Let's call the whole thing OFF.)

Seems the creature has a temperamentature, as in this excerpt from his/its hit Broadway show, fuck it! Fuck It! Do It: LIVE!.

And that's how the rat ate the radish.

"Thanks for watching".


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